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One of my favorite Indie Horror Games.  Just realized there's a full game on Steam!!! Can't wait to play the full, I'm getting it tomorrow.

Without a doubt an amazing game. A very interesting psychological horror, with an almost cinematic style. I had already followed the game through the demo and already thought it was sensational, and the full version did not disappoint. Congrats on your game, guys!

Just finished playing the full game!

I appreciate your launch on Steam but I wish you'd have launched the game here as well so you could take a bigger cut from the sales! I hope everything went smoothly with the launch and can't wait to see what else comes out of that creepy brain. 

Thanks for making games!

Looking forward to the full game! 

Great Demo. Really looking forward to what the full game holds and super impressed that it's set in Wales! Oggy Oggy Oggy!

this was super good:) 

I adore this little demo and can not wait to play more!  On a side note the music of this game is both terrifying and yet oddly nice.  Amazing work on the sound and music in this game.

Really loved the style and ambiance of the game.  Looking forward to this one!

I played it for my channel

The "lo-fi, hi-fi, crunchy low poly visuals" (by the way, I love that descriptor) really make this game nostalgic, it reminds me of Silent Hill. That alone, for me, gives the game its creepy tone. The voice acting adds great personality to the characters. And the story is very interesting; the demo gives you enough to make you want more, leaving you at a cliffhanger. I'm wishlisting this on Steam, I can't wait for its release!

awesome, loving the look of it. good job so far!

looking good

I really liked this! You've set the scene nicely here and the animations and atmosphere is really well done! I'm looking forward to playing more of this story!


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Great game. Creepy atmosphere. The voice acting was also a great touch. I feel like the volume for the voices could have been a bit adjusted. Maybe even cranked up a bit. I had to digitally enhance them in my recording to make them audible. Overall though, so great! I want more!!

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I Enjoyed the demo... but it does not feel like it's set in north wales. As a Welshman it feels more like it's set in Cornwall or Sothern England. 

Apart from that i'm looking forward to the full game, anything "silent hill style" is deffo worth playing. 

I really enjoyed this demo. The ambiance was really cool. Can't wait for the full release.

Watch video here: 

Replay for the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021 - No Commentary Playlist

Chasing Static might be my favorite on the disc :O

Show post...


I really enjoyed the demo, although was kinda disappointed theres no actual spooks in it at the moment. Really sold me on the atmosphere though! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Played this game a couple weeks ago and loved the vibe. Can't wait for the full release.

An interesting horror game, I have really been wanting to see what is there when you open that door and the rest of the game.
Best of luck with the Steam release.

Made a video

I really enjoyed the demo and was left wanting more, which is always good! Looking forward to the full release.

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Holy shit, this was absolutely fantastic, I am so hyped for this game. This was a great demo, the visuals - gorgeous, the sound - moody, the dialogs and voice acting - believable and well-written/delivered and the few bits and bops given about the story - I am intrigued! I can’t wait, fantastic work. 

(one small thing: I was too nosey and looked at the small pier and the boat, stumbled into the water and got stuck … I am quite sure that won’t happen to too many people but just in case it’s easily solvable - everything else went perfectly, though)

Thanks for the kind words :) We've fixed the collision issue with the dock (and a whole bunch of other stuff) ready for the game's release later this year.

I am quite sure, no one else got stuck there, that's just my particular skill :D
Can't wait for the release!

Thanks for making this, I had a lot of fun with the demo and I'm definitely interested in seeing more. Gives me Silent Hill vibes, I also appreciate how the game has a modern feel and attention to detail whilst nailing that PS1 look. It feels like how I remember PS1 games looking at the time, not like how they look when you boot up an old game now. I recorded my playthrough and some thoughts from before and after playing the game! 


Hey thanks for playing! That's great to hear, you hit the nail on the head. I really wanted it to *feel* like you remember those games. Glad you liked it!

I had a blast with this demo. Really well done. Followed you so I can keep up to date with any changes and trust me, I will be playing the full version when it releases. Thank you for this Headware Games! Here is my playthrough of this demo. As you can see I genuinely enjoyed this and was really impressed with your attention to detail and quality overall.

Thanks for playing dude :)

wow, por lo que vi de los videos de abajo, las interacciones desde el inicio son excelente, y los dialogos de desarrollo de los personajes quedan excelente de fondo, incluso llegan a dar risa en algunos casos


Tried out the demo.

I'm really looking forward to the full version of this game as the demo had a spooky atmosphere to it and I loved the PS1-style look to it overall.


with the help of idubbbz we fix the fuse box 

This game opens up in such excellent fashion. Real horror is about atmosphere, story and character development, and Chasing Static has it all in spades. It’s awesome to see gameplay mixed with the character interaction; by far the demo’s highlight. It lures the player into the plot and keeps them engaged. When the demo ended, I wanted more, so Chasing Static has got to be high on my must-play list. Great work! 

This was a very well made game. The mystery behind these events had me hooked and searching for more. I was also impressed by the size of the playable area. This was a perfect teaser for the full game, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!
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I'm so excited to play the full Steam release! Love it!  Thanks for sharing the free demo!

Seems a pretty good horror game.

This game is awesome! I look forward for the full release, just like IGP, haha!

it gave me this feeling of playing another silent hill game i love the atmosphere and the voice's of the character fits them perfectly i cant wait for the full release of this game :D

There isn't any static to chase... yet... The game gives off Silent Hill vibe and it is awesome!

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