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Hiii, I've made a video about the demo and wanted to share some feedback with you, hopefully it is useful for the development of the game ^^

-THE GAME IS AWESOME, I mean, the concept is good but the way it is carried through the gameplay is really awesome as the "horror", "gameplay mechanics" and "story" are perfectly balanced.

-The gameplay mechanics are very good and straight forward, helping the player to focus on the events/story.

-With the visual style you really nailed it as it has those PS1 Silent Hill vibes while having some personality. Also the level design from what I've played seems to be pretty well thought which, in a game like this one, is pretty important to keep the player focused on the story without having to spend 20 minutes looking for an specifip object.

-Some minor details need to be polished, there are dialogues that get cut totally randomly, the game tells you the name of the girl before she introduces herself,etc.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Really enjoyed this game. Can't wait for this game to come out in it full version!

Played through this and really enjoyed it. I can feel the 80s Sci-Fi horror vibes (which I love). I'm also a fan of the ps1 style. It gives off Silent Hill vibes. Good job, I've added it to my wishlist on steam and will be playing the full release when it comes out!

Loved the demo and added to my steam wishlist. Good atmosphere, eerie story the feels similar to Silent Hill and fun gameplay. Definitely looking forward to the finished product and more to come from you guys. Great demo.


Thanks for the support and kind words :D

игра мне нравится так держать

Been stoked for this ever since I first heard about it, heard the demo was out :)

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Great at setting up the atmosphere for the full game! Would have like to have been able to use the ghost hunting stuff (but only because I'm looking forward to the final game)

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COOL..hope version for playstation :D

Played the demo and I really liked it! Definitely want more! 

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Are you also targeting MacOS?

If you are, any chance of getting a demo for that platform? Have some friends in mind I would love to share this but they mostly use Macbooks :D

Hey, we're not planning for a MacOS release at the moment sadly!

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I love the way it looks and feels!

Some minor things I've noticed from my quick playthrough:

1. Shortcuts for items like the lighter! If you use it constantly, it makes sense!

2. A way to skip "picking up" items animation , it feels like it takes a bit and I've already seen what it is. Love how it's an "aha found it" moment though...

3. I like exploring by skipping the obvious path- it's just a hobby of mine , some players tend to do this I believe (can't be the only one). So that means I found the boat and the little abandoned house before trying to get inside the bunker. Thankfully I figured it out from experience and revisited the abandoned house to get the item/find the body and didn't go back to main road.

4. When examining items I love how you show "character thoughts" like when you check the car and get a "I'm lucky to be alive" message. But! When the equipment appeared in the cafeteria it felt like I wasn't sure if I could use it or even if examine worked. The message was there and E didn't do anything really- dunno just felt weird!

5. I like how the green mushrooms help out the player subtly (or that's what I believe) but they did lead me down the road where I managed to get a "teleport" back , which I found awesome! Not really an issue just to keep in mind :)

6. SO WEIRD driving on the right side of the car. Any chance getting a setting in the game for the rest of the world who drive on the left side? Or too much to ask? <3 

7. Audio levelling might need some work too? I could barely hear myself over the coffee maker or the girl for that matter... 

Hey, thanks for writing up such a detailed post of your thoughts! The demo has now been updated to v1.2 which should address a couple of your points. I've posted a devlog with the bug fixes/quality of life improvements made in this update.

I'm afraid driving on the righthand side of the car is here to stay though, it's a game set in Wales after all! Just think of it as an extra element of weirdness to add the game's tone :]

Heh, that's a proper answer if I ever saw one! 

You need to stick to your narrative , of course!

Sorry for not thinking about that :D

I adore the visual and auditory style of the game, especially the use of more modern shading and lighting styles with the PS1 look of the models and textures. Having said that, there're a few minor tweaks I would make.
1. The torch is misspelled tourch when you go to pick it up, so I'd fix that first, haha.

2. I would personally like it if there were keybinds for various items you use quite often (e.g the lighter and/or torch) and it might make sense to have the player slot items into keybinds on the inventory screen or something for ease of use (the only analogue I can think of right now is (though quite dissonant in tone) Pokemon's registered key items, so you might know better what I mean if you've played any Pokemon games). I find it a bit annoying to have to tab into the inventory screen and scroll through items just to lighten up an area a little.

3. I think the screen that comes up when you get an item should be skippable, say if the player presses 'e' then it skips. This is brought up because I found that I'd accidentally remove fuses over and over and it was a little tedious to sit through the little animation each time.

Other than that though I enjoyed this little demo a lot and I can't wait to see how the full game turns out.


Hey thanks for the feedback! We should have shortcut keys working for the next update on the demo and will look into skipping the pickup screen for the full game.

Happy to hear you liked it :)

the feel of this game is amazing. looks amazing. can't wait to play the full thing. feel like I missed things in the demo... so I'm gonna play through a few times.

Thanks DreadedZombie :]

Played it again to see what I missed. Saw there was an update. Must of been the spot where there was wood hanging on a tree. I see what's there now as well as the pickup.

I'm still wondering if I missed anything, probably not, but holy crap... again can't wait haha.

Can't wait to play it. Congratulations from Spain, this looks like a piece of art

Thanks, hope you have fun!

Very atmospheric game with careful attention paid to every moment and extremely immersive sound design, can't wait for more!

Thanks Chard!

Really nice, looking forward to getting hold of the full thing!

This demo is really awesome. Can't wait for this game.

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